S w i s s  d e s i g n e r  b a s e d  i n  S a n  F r a n c i s c o ,  r u n n i n g  a  c r e a t i v e  s t u d i o  t h a t  n a r r o w l y   s p e c i a l i z e s  i n  n o t h i n g   p a r t i c u l a r  a n d  d o e s  i t  w e l l .

Visual communication

and design

© Olivier Chételat, MMXIX-V.01

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Areas of expertise include branding, signage, exhibition design, videography, UX and UI for screens of all sizes and most shapes, printed matter, online and offline, analog and digital for all things business and cultural.

  • Oli-ChéDesigner / Owner

    San Francisco, 2015-now


    Branding | Signage | Event & exhibition design | videography


    I registered a design practice under my name and have completed a diverse range of projects stretching from brand development, UI and UX for promising startups to comprehensive building signage exercise and event design. Notable partners include swissnex and the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco. I do make a point to allocate a healthy slice of time for personal work and studies and lately I have focused my attention to mobile videography and its bottomless micro narrative potential.


  • Pinterest—Design Director

    San Francisco, 2014-2015


    Brand guidelines for internal use and business partnerships | Global brand asset deployment / Internal communications | Data vizualisation


    I worked in the fast-paced startup by then medium and helped establishing a consistent Brand expression accross their app website and marketing communications at a time of critical expansion. I lead the develeopment of brand guidelines for internal use and coordinated the deployment of new, updated visual assets to the internal departments and numerous offices around the world.


  • Eight Inc.—Creative Director

    San Francisco, 2009-2014


    Environments and exhibition design | Retail stratetgy and design | Packaging / Signage | Branding/corporate identiy | UX UI for web mobile and digital points of sale


    Eight Inc. is an architecture-oriented design firm who transformed an incredulous retail industry by designing the original Apple store. I joined them at fulltime capacity after working jointly on a few successful freelance projects.I held the position of creative Director in charge of the San Francisco office as well a supporting our international branches.


  • Saffron / WO—Design Consultant

    London-Madrid, 2009


    Branding concept, strategy, development and guidelines | Corporate ID | Environments


    I spent a little over a year and a half consulting for large branding firms in London, Madrid and NYC. I helped jump-start the controversial branding exercise for the 2012 London Olympics for Wolff Olins. I developped the brand concept, Identity design, brand guidelines and building signage of a new chain of gas station for the Romanian and French market in collaboration with Saffron and Eight Inc.


  • Apple—In-house Design Consultant

    Cupertino, 2006-2008


    Online marketing and communication | UX, UI for web


    Historical times in Cupertino as the very first iPhone was about to be revealed. sending shockwaves through the tech industry and profoundly changing the way we communicate and live. I was fortunate to be part of a very reduced team responsible for the web component of the announcement, release and post-release of the iPhone. I also participated to the redesign of apple.com and spent a few months designing the top navigation and content under the iPhone tab. The work would be reviewed by Steve Jobs on an almost daily basis; scary. Good times!


  • Wolff Olins—Creative Director

    San Francisco, 2004-2006


    Large scale branding | Brand strategy | Presentations and project pitches


    I spent a little over a year and a half consulting for large Branding firms in London, Madrid and NYC. I helped jumpstart the contreversial branding exercise for the 2012 London Olympics for Wolff Olins. I develop the brand concept, Identity design, brand guidelines and building signage for a new chain of gas station for the Romanian and French market for in collaboration with Saffron and 8 Inc.


  • American Apparel—In-house Design Consultant

    Los Angeles, 2003-2004


    Global website redesign / Internal and external communication / Retail stores launch


    I spent a year at American Apparel’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles at a time of frantic expansion when the company opened its first retail stores and its workforce more than doubled. I was hired to lead the redesign of the new website, consolidate the brand identity, and support the stores opening efforts with retail graphics and printed collaterals.


  • Method—Creative Director

    New York-San Francisco, 1999-2003


    Branding/corporate identiy - UX, UI for large scale websites -Online retail


    Method is a design firm that creates branded experiences with emphasis on new digital media and platforms (apps, interfaces, VR...). Method was an offshoot of the best talents from MetaDesign. We opened in 1999 and enjoyed the pre-internet bubble days creating comprehensive design solutions for fortune 500 companies as well as promising startups.

    I was a key member responsible for shaping up Method’s design vision and aesthetic sensibility. I was appointed Creative Director of the New York branch of Method in January 2001 and tasked with the creative direction, work quality, hiring, management of the design team, client presentations and new business pitches.


  • MetaDesign—Designer

    San Francisco, 1996-1999


    Information design / Corporate Identities / Retail graphics / Print / Event design / UX,UI for web


    ...and off we go! MetaDesign was my first job out of Art School and I was fortunate to be part of one of the city's top studio originally founded by Erik Spiekerman in Berlin. Huge emphasis was on typography, information design and clear visual expressions. I was responsible for strategy, exploration, development and execution of projects. Big highlight was Fuse98, a design conference that we organized in conjuction with some of the most legendary designers including Zaha Hadid, Neville Brody, David Carson...






I grew up in Switzerland and moved to California after graduating from ECAL. I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco where I held positions of design consultant and creative director for Fortune 500 companies and prestigious design agencies.




(University of Art and Design Lausanne)


BA in Graphic Design



Lausanne (Switzerland), 1997


Collège de la Planta



Federal Degree in Foreign Languages



Sion (Switzerland), 1992








I provided design work for the organizations and companies below either directly as a consultant or via design firms on a full-time employment basis.


Museums, conferences and exhibitions

The Frost Science Museum, Miami


The New Museum NYC

FUSE98 Design Conference

swissnex Gallery

Storefront for Art and Architecture








Dwell magazine



Service industry,transportation business

and financial organisations

Swire Hotels, Beijing

Litro, Rompetrol

Rivendell Bicycle Works

Shimano, Singapore



JR-Water, Tokyo

Swiss Re


Official and cultural institutions

The Consulate General of Switzerland in SF

The city of New York

swissnex SF

Project (RED)®

The 2012 London Olympics



Fashion and retail


Sergio Rossi

Club Monaco

American Apparel


Carmello Anthony


League, Indonesia




Tech and entertainment












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2:1 aspect

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960 bp

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3:4 aspect

760 wide

768 bp

32 pt

3:4 aspect

500 wide

500 bp

32 pt

3:4 aspect

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